Humane Force-free Training and Behavioural Modification for Dogs and Cats

Welcome to Best Paw Forward Behaviour and Training!

Humane training that encourages pets to learn

Scientifically proven methods

Fun and rewarding for pets and their people

Best Paw Forward offers humane, reward-based training and behavioural modification to help you and your pet. 


For dogs, I offer private in-home training for basic manners such as sit, down, stay, leave, come, etc., as well as behavioural modifcation consultations for more severe behavioural problems such as reactivity, anxiety, fearful behaviour, etc.
For cats, I offer behavioural modifcation consultations for behaviours such as spraying, inappropriate urination, fearful behaviour, etc.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch, to discuss your and your pet's training requirements. I am based in Cape Town's Northern Suburbs.

Client Testimonials

  • "It was amazing to see how easily Michele handled the situation each time. She was able to resolve what was impossible for me." - Jeanette w/ Harvey 
  • "My interaction with Michele was brilliant. She is really knowledgeable and offered great advice. Her kind treatment and patience with my dog certainly achieved the results I was looking for." - Eliz w/Sky
  • "Michele taught me a lot of things about puppies that I didn't know. I now know how to be more gentle with them" - Cathy w/ Storm and Charley
  •  "I've discovered a lot of new facts around a dog's behaviour that I never knew. Very interesting and helpful. And also the fact that the classes are actually done in a very playful and "chirpy" manner that my dogs were never nervous and enjoyed the classes tremendously and only aimed to please". - Loretta w/Miley and Mia 
  • "Thank you so much for the sessions. I feel that we and Barkley benefited greatly from the lessons. You offered a lot of great insight into his behaviour. You will definitely be hearing from us when we eventually get our new puppy. Thank you for everything!" - Hsuan w/ Barkley